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Tuition Information

                                Tuition Rates                  Yearly             Monthly, Sept. – June

Kindergarten (1/2 Day)     $3,840.00                      $384.00

Kindergarten (Full Day)    $4,280.00                      $428.00

Grades 1-8                        $4780.00                      $478.00

Registration Fee: There is a registration fee of $250.00 for each student, which helps to defray the cost of textbooks, yearbooks, student insurance, and related items.  The registration fee is due when registration paperwork is turned in.


05% — A discount of 5% when tuition is paid in advance

10% — Second student from immediate family

20% — Third student from immediate family

50% — Fourth student from immediate family


Example: Family with 4 students in grades 1-7 =         Student 1 -  full price         =      $4,780

Student 2 -  10% discount =     $4,302

Student 3 -  20% discount =     $3,824

Student 4 -  50% discount =     $2,390

                                                                                                            Total          =      $15,296

If this family pays their tuition in advance, they also get 5% off the total = $14,531.20


Billing: All tuition billing is done through an online billing service. Parents are registered with them at the beginning of the school year and need to choose their preferred form of billing/payment. Payments are due on the first of the each month, beginning in August.

Delinquent Accounts: If a student account becomes past due the parents will be notified, and any accounts that are more than 10 days overdue will be charged a $40 service fee.

Other Costs Throughout the School Year

Throughout the year there will be field trips (some with a cost and some without) as well as other things which will add to the cost of your education. Students in grades K-2 can expect approximately $100 in additional cost, and students in grades 3-8 can expect approximately $400 in additional costs (including the Outdoor Education trip). Students in 8th grade will pay an extra $250 towards extra trips and graduation.
There is also the option to order hot lunch which would add up to $500 per student, if they were to eat hot lunch every day. Hot Lunch is offered throughout the school year, the number of days depending on volunteers.

Please plan on extra costs of up to:

  • $100 for each student in grades K-2
  • $400 for each student in grades 3-8
  • $250 for each student in grade 8

These amounts do not include hot lunch.

Only about half of the operating costs of Echo Ridge Christian School are met through fees paid by patrons. The balance is subsidized by the 2 constituent Seventh-day Adventist churches.  For this reason, tuition rates are discounted for those who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Please call 265-2057 to find out more about the  SDA rate).


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