About Us

We are... Mission driven 

 What do we mean with these words?  Your child will benefit from learning the skills and knowledge needed to be joyful, contributing citizens now and throughout their lives.  We prioritize nurturing each child's relationship with Jesus so they are looking forward to heaven.

To learn how this mission shapes what we do each day, read more below and come see us in action.  Call 530-265-2057 to schedule a visit.

We are... Christ Centered

Our mission is to support students in deepening their relationship with Jesus. Though spiritual growth can't be easily measured, we witness it unfolding regularly. It begins with our dedication to integrating Christ into every aspect of our education, not just confined to a single Bible class. Our emphasis on the Bible as the ultimate authority shapes our beliefs and actions as Protestant Christians. We welcome you to explore our campus and witness firsthand how our teachers and staff exemplify their love for God, fostering the same in our students.

We are... Experience Rich

We believe that new concepts and information is:

  • learned faster,
  • understood more deeply, and
  • remembered longer

when lessons are taught through real life experiences, rather than through worksheets or computer programs.  While those teaching tools can help with reinforcing ideas, they don't engage a child's brain in the same way as active, hands-on experiences.

Our program incorporates three or more long term projects each year which integrate learning across multiple subject areas and between grade levels.  Younger students benefit from watching their older peers, while older students gan experience in leadership and reinforce their learning through reminding the "littles." All students get excited about learning that also produces tangible results:  a sandbox and water feature, a chicken coop, school-grown vegetables.

We are... Family Friendly

Life is busy for everyone.  Kids are in after-school programs, taking music lessons, on sports teams, and much more. And if there is a long daily commute to and from school, there is very little time left for family time.  We firmly belief that God created famlies and intends them to be the primary nurturers of His children.  We are here to support you in your God-given privilege to "train up a child."

We commit to maximizing the time your family can be a family.  We will be careful about scheduling events and activities outside of school hours. 

We are... Well Qualified Teachers

Our teachers all hold bachelors' degrees in elementary education. They are ...

We are... Experienced in Education

Your student benefits from the deep and long-standing experience of Seventh-day Adventists in running schools from infant care through post doctoral universities.  We are part of the largest Protestant educational system in the world, with 85,000 teachers and 1.5 million students in 150 countries. And we've been doing this since 1853.

Our goal is to develop Christians with wisdom, not just knowledge. So we’ve structured our academic program to put God first and we find that, like Adventist schools of all sizes across the country, this results in students who grow academically at a higher rate than their peers in other schools (see the next paragraph). It really is true that when we “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) To learn more about the specific results of our school, schedule an visit with our principal (530-265-2057).

Students in Adventist schools outperform. 

In a three-year study of 51,000+ students in Adventist schools in the United States (kindergarten through high school), researchers documented that they outperformed the national average.  At all grade levels. In schools of all sizes. And in all subjects.

Students in Adventist schools overachieve. 

Additionally, researchers compared student performance on standardized tests with what would be predicted based on their Cognitive Abilities Test scores, and found they performed above what would be predicted.

Students in Adventist schools gain even more with time. 

One of the most dramatic findings is that students who transferred to Adventist schools saw a marked improvement in test scores. Furthermore, the longer students are in Adventist schools, the better their achievements and abilities.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about serving God and inspiring children to reach their full potential. They are qualified professionals who provide research-based instruction and assessment. Teachers are committed to educating the whole child by working together with parents to find individualized solutions for the education of each student. Class sizes are kept purposefully small, so as to best serve the needs of each child and to encourage a family-like environment.

Echo Ridge Christian School has been educating students in Nevada County for over 80 years. Established in the 1930's, the doors opened in 1962 at our current location, we have been educating students in grades K-8 since that time.

Please look over our handbook for more in depth information

Our Location

15504 Liberty Circle, Nevada City, CA - Located in a private wooded community in Nevada City just across from Nevada Union High School.  The campus is on 3 acres with 3 large classrooms, a playing field, library, kitchen and gymnasium.


Echo Ridge offers Kindergarten through 8th grade in multi-grade classrooms with a teacher-student ratio of no more than 17:1.


A carefully researched blend of public and private school curriculum is used that follows a Christian world view. Choir, Music, Art, Spanish, and Computer classes are also provided for students.


ERCS began using MAP standardized testing in 2021. MAP testing takes place 3 times during the school year to help asses each child's progress throughout the year. ERCS student test results place in the top third of private schools nationwide.

School Schedule

Echo Ridge Christian follows a traditional schedule starting mid August through early June.  School days begin at 8:30 and end at 3:30 Monday through Thursday with a shortened schedule of 8:30 – 12:30 on Fridays.


Please see the Tuition page for more information about tuition. 


“ERCS is the school I went to as a child, and now it is so great to be able to have my kids attend Echo Ridge as well.”

Emily F. (parent)