Our school thrives when our current families share about us with their friends and colleagues.  In fact, that is how nearly all our students come to us –– through our current, happy parents.





2023-2024 Newsletters

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We are so blessed by the generous support of our amazing community.  At various times during the school year, we have ways for our parents and community to have fun and contribute to our school.

Spring Bulbs - April 12-29 

Buy your flower bulbs in time for spring planting, and help Echo Ridge students raise money for the sand box that they have designed, and will start building soon.

Color Fun Run - May 17

Each 1/4 mile, students will be sprayed with a different color of chalk dust so that when they are done they will be quite colorful!

Students are looking for sponsors to pledge per lap that they run (kindergarten laps will be around the field, older students will run the Greenwood Circle mile as many times as they can)


Our Year in Pictures

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Home & School Association

The Home & School Association (H&S) is like PTA in other schools. This group takes charge of making special events happen. Monthly H&S meetings help to keep on top of upcoming projects.

An active H&S team ensures there are spirit weeks/days, fundraisers, talent shows, socials and occasional surprises. This enables the teachers to focus their energies inside the classroom.

Members of the H&S team volunteer as “room parents” for each classroom. These people help coordinate parties, field trips and events specific for that classroom. This can be a big help to the teachers.

Meetings are scheduled once a month . The position of Home & School  leader (or a team of leaders) is a critical one to have, as are members of the team. All parents are asked to come to the first meeting of the year, and to attend at least one meeting per quarter.

Meetings should last no more than one hour. At these meetings we  decide on events and organization as well as future meeting times.


  • To unite home, school, and church in their support of Christian education.

  • To promote cooperation between parents and teachers.

  • To provide an opportunity for parents to help in creating events.

  • To support the school in its effort to be a light in the community.

  • To work toward the goal of growing the school.

  • To better involve the parents and church members in the activities of the school.


Members of the church and patrons of the school are members of the association.


All parents of enrolled students should be active in the Home & School Association. The officers consist of a leader, assistant leader and secretary-treasurer. The H&S officers and committee are appointed by the school board at its first meeting each school year.  To give continuity, we aim to have some officers reelected for a second term.


The leader of H&S must be member with experience and success in training children and whose mind is open to new ideas, who is apt to teach, and who believes in the importance of Christian education.


The secretary-treasurer keeps the records of the association. Note: Association funds are to be channeled through the school treasurer and kept as a separate account.

Ex Officio

The school principal is an ex officio member of the Home and School Association by virtue of position.


Useful links

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Area Churches

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Homeschool Resources

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High Schools (Grades 9-12)

Monterey Bay Academy

Pine Hills Adventist Academy

Rio Lindo Adventist Academy

Sacramento Adventist Academy

Weimar Academy


Colleges & Universities

Andrews University

Pacific Union College

Loma Linda University

Southern Adventist University

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Walla Walla University

Weimar Institute


Christian Camps

 Leoni Medows Christian Camp and Retreat Center


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