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ERCS Home Study Co-op

Echo Ridge honors and values home school education and wishes to provide opportunities to enrich the home school education through participation in on and off campus activities, When Registering in the ERCS Home Study Program, parents are committing to bringing their students once a week (time and day to be determined each year) for enrichment  classes.

The weekly ERCS Home Study Program provides:

Þ 1/2 day of enrichment classes at ERCS one day per week

Þ Elective classes, taught by teachers and volunteers, change each quarter.

Þ The opportunity to sign up for music classes on campus *

Þ The opportunity to attend any field trips the school organizes*

Þ Participation in the ERCS school choir, concerts, and performances.

Þ Participation in standardized testing*

Þ Invitation to attend the Outdoor Ed Trip (grades 3-8)*

Þ Receive weekly email updates about upcoming school activities.

Þ Invitation to join any social events planned by ERCS.


To participate in the above ERCS activities, you must register in the ERCS Homeschool plan. The cost is $175 per student, per quarter, or $600 for the year paid up front, plus a $50 registration fee, as well as any extra costs for individual music lessons, the outdoor education trip, and various field trips.


To register, please fill out the application.

*Extra costs may apply


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