What we offer

Echo Ridge Christian School is a great place to be for several reasons.

1. Small Class Size - with a ratio of less than 12 students per teacher, each child is able to get a more individualized learning plan, as well as more one-on-one time with the teachers.

2. Multi-Grade Classrooms - Being around peers of different ages enhances socialization and learning experiences for students of all ages. Multi-grade classrooms draw attention to the importance of cooperation among students of different ages and abilities. Students in a multi-grade classroom learn how to work together and find solutions to problems, and opportunities to develop skills and be recognized for their achievements, improving their self-esteem.

3. We are a family - Each and every person involved is hugely important to making this school what it is. Family involvement is a crucial key to the success of the program.

4. Support - Our school is operated under the umbrella of the Northern California Conference of Adventist Schools. As the second largest Christian school system in the world, there has been a lot of research looking into the best methods of teaching, and all SDA schools have a lot of support from the organization.

5. Outdoor Education - Being surrounded by the beautiful Northern California countryside, outdoor education is a important part of the curriculum. Students get to explore and appreciate God's beautiful creation.

6. A Focus on Character - Echo Ridge Christian School’s philosophy of education is based on Christian principles. This includes the development of the whole person - mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. At Echo Ridge, we stress the importance of developing a strong moral and ethical character.

7. Technology - Echo Ridge is proud to have a strong technology program. We use the latest technology to enhance our academic program, but we also make sure to have a balance between the physical and virtual worlds.

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